Appointments & Availability

Do you have weekend appointments available?

Weekend appointments are available. They are limited and are made on a first come first serve basis.

What is the earliest available appointment?

Our arrival time usually starts between 8 a.m.-9 a.m. On certain occasions we may be able to offer an earlier appointment slot.

Can I make an appointment online or via e-mail?

Appointments cannot currently be scheduled online. For the most up to date availability and prompt service, the best way to get in contact is to call us at (518) 260-4107. However, if you would like to get in touch with us electronically you can connect with us on our Contact Us page or through e-mail:

How long will my service take?

Most average homes take between 1-3 hours for window cleaning and around the same amount of time for house washing. After we give your home a personal quote we can give a more approximate time on how long your service(s) will take, if requested.

How many people will come to the job?

Most jobs will have 2-4 professionals on site.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

If you are having your windows cleaned make sure all items such as plants, picture frames, and knick knacks are removed from window sills.

If you are having the exterior windows only cleaned, your gutters cleaned, or your house pressure washed make sure your windows are closed,  screens removed, and exterior water spigot is on.

Basic Window Cleaning Service

What is included in Basic Window Cleaning Service?

Basic window cleaning service includes: hand cleaning of the interior windows, cleaning exterior windows by hand or using our purified water system,  cleaning of your screens with our specialized screen washer and hand wiping down of your tracks & sills.

What if I only want the outside of my windows cleaned?

If you prefer to have us clean only the exterior of your windows, we can do so.  There is a minimum charge of $75.00 for one story homes and $100.00 for 2 story home. Contact us for an exact quote.

Can you remove paint from windows?

Paint, stucco, silicone, stickers and other construction and remodeling debris can be removed professionally removed from windows.  Removal of such debris is not covered under the Basic Window Cleaning Service and there is an additional charge per affected window for these services.

What happens if it is raining during my scheduled appointment?

This is based upon our discretion as the safety of our professionals  is our highest concern. If we need to cancel we will reschedule as soon as possible.

Maintenance Window Cleaning

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

Depending on your circumstances window cleaning can be done on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or an “on call” basis. Many residential customers like to have windows cleaned once or twice a year while some commercial accounts, such as a commercial space find a weekly cleaning benefits them most. We can give you professional recommendations to find out the best fit for you and your needs.

Will you call me to remind me that I need my windows cleaned?

Yes. If you would like to be put on a regular cleaning rotation or would like to have a service call to remind you please contact us and let us know.

Foggy Windows

My windows look foggy. Will the fog go away after the windows are cleaned?

“Foggy” windows are often damaged or defective double pane windows.  This does not clean up.  The fog appears between the panes of glass and comes from a broken seal on the actual window. Foggy windows will need to be replaced by the manufacturer or local window company.


Are my screens cleaned during cleaning?

If your screen appears damaged or worn, we will only remove it in order to clean the windows.  Damaged screens will not be cleaned.  We will notify you of any damaged screens prior to starting removal. Screens that are not damaged or worn will be brushed clean or washed with our specialized screen washer.

Rain Gutter & Downspout Cleaning

What is included in your gutter cleaning services?

We offer a thorough hand cleaning of the interior of all gutters and downspouts.

Pressure Washing

Do you pressure wash roofs?

No. We offer innovative soft roof washing. Our advanced system uses low pressure to apply a cleaning solution to your roof to remove black algae, moss, & lichen. Soft roof washing is recommended by shingle manufactures across the nation and can be done safely without damage to your roof or violation of shingle warranty.

My paint is peeling.Will pressure washing cause the paint blister or peel more?

Our wash systems use low pressure, however, if there is significant peeling paint, it is likely that even with low pressure cleaning some peeling or flaking may occur.

Products & Chemicals

What sort of products are used?

Clearview ECS uses a wide variety of up-to-date solutions from industry leaders throughout the entire country. We have cleaning solutions that remove rust, hard water scale, algae, mold, lichen, and grease.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

Please try and cancel appointments within 24 hours or as much notice as possible. We do understand that life throws all kinds of surprises at us so we are flexible and willing to work around your schedule and convenience.


Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a $25.00 discount to you & a neighbor when you both schedule an exterior/interior window cleaning.

We offer a $25.00 discount when you schedule a house wash and soft roof wash service.

**All discounts above cannot be used in combination with any other discounts**

Do you accept competitor’s coupons? We do not accept competitor’s coupons.


Can you give me an estimate over the phone or through email?

We can provide you with a rough estimate by phone, email or through our website Contact Us page.  For the most accurate estimate after you contact us we do a walk around your property to give you exact price(s) for each of our service(s) on a written quote sheet.

How long is an estimate valid?

Estimates are valid for 1 year.  Prices are subject to change annually.


Do you have insurance?

Yes. Clearview Exterior Cleaning Solutions carries liability insurance and workers compensation.

Can customers get a copy of your certificate of insurance?

Yes. If you would like to see a copy of our insurance certificate please contact us, a copy of our specific information can be mailed or e-mailed to you.


What payment methods are accepted?

Credit Cards, cash and checks made payable to: Clearview ECS are all accepted forms of payment.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Yes, all services are subject to the current NYS sales tax rates.

When is payment due?

For residential work payment is due upon completion unless other terms are agreed upon in writing prior to your services being performed.

Commercial accounts may discuss terms prior to scheduling their first services.

What happens if my account is past due?

If your account is past due you will be charged monthly late fees of $10/month.  If your account goes 60 days past due your account will be referred to a collection agency.

What happens with returned checks?

$25.00 fee is added to accounts with returned checks, this fee is in addition to late fees incurred.


How can I get a list of references? Please call for a list of references.


Should I tip? Tipping is not required, but is always greatly appreciated.  Tips can be paid by cash, or added to a check.  If adding a tip to a check payment make sure you make a note of it on the memo line of your check.