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Frequently Asked Questions


Appointments, Availability & General Info

Do you have weekend appointments available?

A: Weekend appointments are extremely limited and are made on a first come first serve basis; usually during the height of our busy season from April - October.


What is the earliest available appointment?

A: Our window cleaning season runs from April - December with an arrival time between 8:30-9 a.m. On certain occasions we may be able to offer an earlier appointment slot based on need and availability.


Can I make an appointment online?

Appointments cannot currently be scheduled online. For the most up to date availability and prompt service the best way to get an appointment is to contact us via phone : 518.260.4107,  by e-mail at: or our on our connect page. 


How long will I have to wait for my service?

Our services are highest in demand from May-August with June & July being the most requested months. These appointment slots can book up to a year in advance, so it is recommended that you call as soon as possible. At other times in our season, the average wait time is 1- 2 months.


How long will my service take?

Most average homes take between 1-3 hours.


How many team members will come to the job?

Most jobs will have 2-4 professionals on site based on the service being provided. 



What is included in your window cleaning services?

 **Interior/Exterior window cleaning includes: hand cleaning of the interior window and hand wiping of the tracks and sills. We then wipe your screen and frame with a damp cloth, wiping down tracks & sills of the window as accessible and we then re-install the screens. The exterior of your windows are done using our water-fed pole technology.

**Exterior Only window cleaning includes: cleaning of the exterior windows using our purified water-fed pole system. We then hand wipe your screen screen and exterior window frame with a damp cloth and finish by wiping down tracks & sills of the exterior only and proceed to reinstall the screen. 


**Please note that screens can be machine washed for an additional $2.50 per screen. This is recommended for screens with lots of dust and/or pollen**

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

For interior/exterior cleaning we ask that you make sure that all items such as plants, picture frames and knick knacks are removed from window sills and that all windows are accessible. We will need access to the interior of your home so please call our office staff or e-mail us to make arrangements for this. 


For exterior only windows cleanings please make sure your windows are closed, screens are removed or unlocked and that your exterior water spigot is on.

Can you remove paint from windows?

Paint, stucco, silicone, stickers and other construction and remodeling debris can be removed professionally & efficiently from windows.  Removal of such debris is not included with our regular window cleaning service and there is an additional charge per window for the construction debris that needs to be removed.


What happens if it is raining or forecasted to rain during my scheduled appointment?

It is our policy to keep the scheduled  appointment to clean the interior windows and then we can re-schedule the exteriors within a timely manner if the quality of the cleaning or the safety of our crew is of concern. If you choose to cancel your appointment, it will be at our current booking timeframe.


How often should I have my windows cleaned?

As with most things, that depends on your circumstances and personal preferences. Many residential customers like to have their windows cleaned once or twice a year.  For our commercial accounts some find a monthly cleaning or a once a year cleaning benefits them the most. We can give you professional recommendations to find out the best fit for your specific needs.


My windows look foggy. Will the fog go away after the windows are cleaned?

"Foggy” windows are often damaged or defective double pane windows.  This will not not clean up. The fog appears between the panes of glass and comes from a broken seal on the actual window. Foggy windows would need to be replaced by the manufacturer or a local window installation company.

Gutter Cleaning


What is included with a gutter cleaning?

We hand clean the inside of the gutters & check the downspouts. If they are not functioning properly we remediate the clog by taking apart the downspout and removing debris. The cleaning of the exterior of your gutter is NOT included in your a gutter cleaning.

Do you clear off the roof of debris?

In situations where we can safely remove debris, branches or leaves from your roof we will do so as we are able and for a separate charge. The safety of our crew is of our utmost concern and this is done on a case by case basis and is NOT included in your gutter cleaning price. 

Gutter Guard Installation & Cleaning


What are Leaf Relief gutter guards?  

Leaf Relief gutter guards are an aluminum porous guard that keeps debris out of the gutter.  They are extremely effective and an affordable solution to clients who have large amounts leaves. They have a 25-year guarantee and our technicians can verify if it is a good fit for your home & it’s surroundings.

A Note.

As with anything in life, there are no guarantees. We will not sell our clients anything without full disclosure. Gutter guards are not maintenance free. There will be times where you will need to have the tops of your guards brushed or blown off due to leaves or debris covering the tops of your guards. On average this is done every 3-5 years.


I have gutter guards but my gutters are still clogged or I have a concern that they might be, what do you recommend?

It happens! If your gutter guards are clogged or water is running over them, based on the type of guard you have we can sometimes brush the guards off or flush it. We also can remove the guard, clean out the gutter, and then reinstall the guard. The cost for this service starts at $225.00 and is recommended approximately every 3-5 years to keep your gutter guards in peak condition.


Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

We request that you cancel appointments within 72 hours or as much notice as possible as we book out far in advance; especially from April - September. We do understand that life throws all kinds of surprises at us and we are flexible when these things happen and are willing to work with you when they do. We do reserve the right to charge a $100 cancellation fee based on circumstances. 


Do you offer any discounts?

With a grateful heart, we offer discounts to the following:

5% discount for military members.

5% discount for seniors, ages 65 and older. 

**You must mention when booking your service to our office staff to receive discount**

Do you accept competitor’s coupons? 

No, we do not accept competitors coupons.


Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

We do not offer estimates over the phone as there are many variabilities and logistics with your individual windows. We do both online and in-person estimates. To receive an online estimate, please connect with us via our connect page or call us to get an in person estimate for an accurate estimate of your home or business.


How long is an estimate valid for?

Estimates are valid for 3 months.  Prices are subject to change annually.


Do you have insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured and carry commercial auto, liability & workers compensation insurance. We would be happy to furnish you with any up-to-date copies at any time and a COI upon request after you book your services.


What payment methods are accepted?

Credit cards, cash and checks made payable to: Clearview ECS, LLC. are all accepted forms of payment. You may also pay online as well using our "pay online" tab or call our office with your credit card to pay.

***Checks are preferred due to the high cost of processing fees***


When is payment due?

For residential work, payment is due upon completion of the job within 7-10 days. It can be paid via check or online after the invoicing has been sent. Commercial accounts are due within 30 days of performing services.

**If your account goes 60 days past due your account will be referred to a collection agency**


What happens with returned checks?

A $35.00 fee is added to  your invoice for accounts with returned checks. This fee is in addition to any late fees incurred. You will be asked to pay upfront the next time you book with us. 


What is the etiquette on tipping?

Tipping is never required, but is always greatly appreciated by our staff based on your experience with us! Tips can be paid by cash directly to our crew or added to a check. We will make sure tips get to the right team member. If adding a tip to a check payment, please make sure you make a note of it on the memo line of your check.

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