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Our Offerings

Clearview always goes above and beyond to exceed our clients expectations; it's one of the many reasons why many of our clients come back, year after year. We are the areas top choice for residential and commercial cleaning needs. Read below to learn more about the services we offer and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Residential Window Cleaning

No matter the size of your home, we take great pride in giving attention to even the smallest of details.  We respect your property with the integrity that your investment deserves.


We clean the entire window – not just the glass. We hand wipe down the tracks, sills, and the screens. On the interior, glass surfaces are washed with an eco-friendly cleaning solution formulated for use with high quality squeegee equipment and will not harm tinting or other protective films on the interior. The exterior of your windows are cleaned using our water-fed pole technology which leaves the glass streak free with long-lasting results.

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Deep Screen Cleaning

Sometimes, you just need a little more! While hand wiping of your screens is included in our standard window cleaning, every now and then we recommend a deep screen cleaning based on the surroundings of your home. 


This highly detailed service eliminates any pollen, dust and debris from your screens & frames. The cost would be an additional extra $2.50 per screen and can even be added on last minute to your date of service.  

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Commercial Window Cleaning

From your local store front business to restaurants or large office buildings, we would be happy to add you to our list of satisfied commercial accounts. Our water-fed cleaning process allows us to safely reach up to 3 stories. We will happily serve you, from just a handful of windows to hundreds of windows. 

Sparkling windows are not only a reflection on your business, they are a reflection on ours!

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Gutter Cleaning

Clogged & neglected gutters can cause water to overflow which will eventually find its way into your home; causing costly repairs such as water damage, ice buildup leading to leaks, and mold growth. 


Protect your home or business by keeping  your gutters clean and functioning correctly with our gutter cleaning services! Our standard gutter cleaning service includes:​

  • Clean all debris from gutters and flush gutters if necessary. 

  • Clear and check the function of all downspouts, resolving any blockages. 

  • Blow roof debris based on accessibility, pitch, and safety of your roof for an extra charge. 

It is recommended that you get your gutters cleaned 1-2x per year for maximum efficiency.

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Gutter Guard Installation

If you are tired of cleaning your gutters year after year, Ply Gem Leaf Relief Gutter Guards may be an option for your home or business.

While no gutter guard is 100% maintenance free, these highly effective and cost efficient guards have been the best that we have come across in our 18 years of business. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you if these guards would be a good fit for your home or business. 

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirt & debris build up can reduce solar panel efficiency by up to 5% per year. Keep your solar panel power productivity in top shape with our exclusive solar panel cleaning service. We use deionized & purified water, an environmentally safe solution, to clean the  surface of your solar panels for maximum cleaning results.


In addition to our expertise in cleaning, you can be rest assured that we carry the proper insurance in addition to the proper personal protective equipment to clean your solar panels. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

From call to completion we offer our services with integrity, honesty, and with your satisfaction in mind. If you are not completely happy with the services provided, we welcome you to call our office promptly so we can work with you to resolve your concerns.